Rhapsody Music

A series of projects for the original music subscription service Rhapsody (now Napster). Over the course of a year, I defined new features including social music discovery, iTunes library importing, and enhanced search. I also extended the service to new devices, designing Rhapsody’s first tablet app and 10-foot experience for smart TVs.

The satisfying challenge

Successfully adapting an already robust and popular service to new platforms with specialized interface modalities (touch, remote control D-pad).

  • New features and improvements unified the Rhapsody ecosystem across platforms including mobile, desktop, tablet, and smart TV apps.

  • Scenarios enabled prioritization of what features are most relevant for different users in various contexts.

  • Music, represented by album art, needs to support both Navigate and Play actions. This early exploration helped determine the optimal two-tap model to support free exploration of the extensive library without interrupting current playback.

  • Further exploration of playback queue and navigation models.

  • Rhapsody promotes music discovery through deep genre grouping, editorial curation, and continuous radio playback.

  • With the goal of playback, playback, playback, Rhapsody's queuing system gives drag-and drop and one-click controls to keep the music going, and flexibly curate playback on the fly.

  • In the tablet context, feature access needed to be simple, while still supporting the robust functionality that their legacy power users expect.

  • The smart TV app was optimized for navigation with a few taps of the remote control.

  • The television lends itself to lean-back / hands-off listening scenarios, with rich full screen data.

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