Music Exchange Project

This self-initiated project with cofounder Corey Holms, took the classic mix tape to its logical conclusion at the end of the CD era. Each month, one member would make a CD mix of favorite music and mail copies to the other 12 members, exchanging one mix for a year’s worth of tunes. The idea was to discover great music we might have missed, as well as exercising our design muscles outside of client constraints.

Why it rocks

A simple idea shared among friends organically grew into a seven year legacy. The rotating membership included an international all star band of designers and music aficionados. The small-batch, physical format allowed concepts including 12+ individualized iterations, hand-crafted elements, laser cutting, old floppy disks and CD-ROM trays, stickers, badges, burnt paper, hand drawing, duct tape, map scraps, spray paint, and moving parts. The results of volume one were showcased in the British design journal, Grafik.

  • I designed several editions of the project website to coordinate releases and act as a living archive.

  • My dynamic November 2011 release included free-floating paper cutouts.

  • New life for old floppies, featured in Creative Review's new disc packaging roundup

  • Layering separate acetate sheets to emulate the 4-color printing process.

  • No music was harmed in the creation of this cover.

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