According to family lore, the name Faja (we say it “fey-juh”) comes from our Polish pipe-making ancestors. I continue this lineage of craftsmanship in the digital age, designing new tools that satisfy the needs of modern life.

Since the turn of the century, I’ve been making technology more usable, useful, and satisfying for people. Usability and utility are prerequisites, so people’s needs are always at the center of my thinking. With an artist’s eye, I also apply aesthetic principles to touch something beyond mere functionality. After all, the best tools are a pleasure to use while accomplishing something meaningful.

Personally, I’m a bit of an idealist. I look for the beauty and humor in life, and approach new challenges with optimism. I’m also a Maine Coon cat tamer, Americano aficionado, urban biker, relaxed vegetarian, experimental photographer, and father to a toddler who wants to be Spider-Man.

I earned my UX chops with the brilliant folks at Blink UX in Seattle, and mastered mobile with Raizlabs in Boston.